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Liam Maguire: 

Often referred to as the 'Walking Hockey Encyclopedia. Liam Maguire has dedicated a large part of his life to studying the intricate details of hockey. Author of several books on hockey trivia and history, he has served as consultant for several sports networks in addition to being a frequent face on TSN, CBC and quiz shows. Liam is a seasoned broadcaster with over 40  years of experience, but also a 15 years experience coaching Minor Hockey. His unparalleled expertise is not just limited to facts and trivia; Liam possesses a deep understanding of the game's spirit, capturing the essence of every story, anecdote, or piece of history he shares. With “Offside," he brings depth, knowledge, and authenticity. 

Hockey Puck & Stick

Christopher Hawes 

Establishing himself in comedy in the late 80’s, he was a standout talent on the standup circuit with special recognition for his hosting and MC talents. In the early 90’s Chris became a Contributing Writer to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and over the next decade and a half toured professionally across Canada and the US. In 1995 he opened his own Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club in Sudbury. A veritable Bob Hope, he has entertained troops in Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia; appeared in feature films and numerous television ads. While Chris eventually stepped away from touring to focus on writing material for other performers, a profound love for hockey and long lasting friendship with Liam led him to co-create “Offside: with Hawes and Maguire"

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