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No Studio. No Budget. No Problem! We’re taking it to the streets!


Coming Soon! Our Limited Edition Single Pot Irish Whiskey. It is alot easier to watch us if you are drunk. 

Full Episodes Below!

Are you f*cking kidding me?

Do you think the world has gone to hell? So does Chris. Forget Peter Mansbridge or Anderson Cooper. Chris says what they wish they could say.

Flatbed tonight tv

Chris takes a flatbed trailer to the streets and hosts a Late Night Talk Show with a cavalcade of guests whom you have never heard of.

massage therapy

Some people drink, some knit or sew, some talk to shrinks. Chris gets a massage… and vents about whatever is on his mind

Is igor!

Professional product reviews by our favourite East-European salesman. Everything is shit!... unless you have paid Igor to promote it. 

Ron’s MOVIE ReviewS

Movie reviews by an out of touch curmudgeon who doesn’t get it… or does he? 

1950’s marriage Counselling

The keys to a successful marriage and a Ozzie and Harriet Life… in our modern era.

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